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   Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in cancer

پنجشنبه , 17 مرداد 1392 ساعت 23:26 دسته بندی : علم پزشکی ,

دانلود مقاله : 

Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in cancer 2013

نویسندگان : 

Shaolong Feng , Zhaohui Cao b, Xinming Wang

چکیده : 

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR), a cytosolic ligand-activated transcription factor, belongs to the member of

bHLH/PAS family of heterodimeric transcriptional regulators and is widely expressed in a variety of animal

species and humans. Recent animal and human data suggested that AHR is involved in various signaling pathways

critical to cell normal homeostasis, which covers multiple aspects of physiology, such as cell proliferation

and differentiation, gene regulation, cell motility and migration, inflammation and others. Dysregulation of

these physiological processes is known to contribute to events such as tumor initiation, promotion, and progression.

Increasing epidemiological and experimental animal data provided substantial support for an association

between abnormal AHR function and cancer, implicating AHR may be a novel drug-interfering

target for cancers. The proposed underlying mechanisms of its actions in cancer involved multiple aspects,

(a) inhibiting the functional expression of the key anti-oncogenes (such as p53 and BRCA1), (b) promoting

stem cells transforming and angiogenesis, (c) altering cell survival, proliferation and differentiation by

influencing the physiologic processes of cell-cycle, apoptosis, cell contact-inhibition, metabolism and remodel

of extracellular matrix, and cell–matrix interaction, (d) cross-talking with the signaling pathways

of estrogen receptor and inflammation. This reviewaims to provide a brief overviewof recent investigations

into the role of AHR and the underlying mechanisms of its actions in cancer, which were explored by the

new technologies emerging in recent years


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